Tinta Roja is a place, with its architecture and decoration, transports us to a mixture, of old Varieté Theatre, Brown Theatre, Circus, Tango milonga, Bailanta; Contemporary Theatre, Factory; and also the mixture of Castle, with Orient Express, Titánic, Wax Museum or fair attractions.

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Red ink has been catalogued, as Europe's most original place, by the international tourist guides “Time Out” and “Let's Go”.

Our history

""Was originally a"dairy", with cows in the courtyard, He sold the milk to the neighborhood. He was then an abandoned factory. And now, Tinta Roja, It was created in the year 2001 "Odyssey in Barcelona".

The red ink name comes from the name of the tango "Red ink" by Cátulo Castillo and Sebastián Piana, written in the year 1941.

Music, Art and entertainment

Music broadcast, you could say that it is eclectic and organic. Pulling towards the Hispanic or latino.

Are they programmed Thursday to various Sunday shows, all gender. Is: Theatre, Tango, Circus, Flamenco, Poetry, Jazz, Dance, Exhibitions, Festivals, performances etc.

It is an ESPAI d'art, where search to art, lead us to the meeting and party.