The decor and furnishings, created from recycling and restoration of ancient artifacts, which were given a new meaning and location; thus prolonging, the existence of objects of great historical value - artisan.

Ink red divided into four areas, each one with their environment, decoration and luminosity.

Hall Carlos Gardel




Shows and dance

  • Capacity of 100 people.

Room Malena







  • Intimacy and I recreation
  • Capacity of 15.

Space chairs








  • You tertulias and candles
  • Capacity of 15 people.



  • Capacity of 35 people.

Shows are performed in the "CARLOS GARDEL" room, of the 20:30 HRS. a. 22:00 HRS.

After 22:00 HRS. a. 3:00Hrs. The entrance to Room A. “Carlos Gardel” is free, to give free rein to the gathering, the dancing and some short acting.